Monday, June 20, 2011

Event Shoot with Jon

This here is my final for Photographic Imaging One! The goal was to take a bunch of shots, and use three of them to describe an event that's happening. This was incredibly fun to shoot because I pretty much woke up early and went to my favourite place in the world, Barnes and Noble, with one of my favourite people, my friend Jon. I then picked out specific books for him, bought him the drink of his choice, and went wild. I even made him have conversations with me the whole time I was taking pictures. Plus, the weather outside was beautiful and rainy, which I adore. And everything inside was incredibly warm and welcoming.

The event was reading books and sipping Coffee (well, hot cocoa on Jon's part).

It's a moment that's incredibly simple, yet purely happiness. When you can just sit down and relax; lose yourself in the swirling contents of your cup that can so easily burn your tongue, in the tiny letters that fill up every sweet smelling page of a good book; a place where you could even safely fall asleep. In this moment, you're home.
Overall, I adored this shoot. Completely brilliant. Not necessarily my shots, but the act of shooting this genuinely filled my heart with warmth.

My contact sheet from the shoot:

Friday, June 17, 2011


The following photographs were all taken at Speedwell Lake.

The lake.

The chain that prevents cars from driving on the path, +Jon.

The inside of Jon's car.

Contact Sheet:

Composite Scale Project

So for this project I had to blend 3 "scaled" objects into one picture "background". To do this I took pictures of my friends Kevin and Jaime in front of a green screen and then edited them in photoshop to produce this lovely picture. I played around with the sizes of Kevin and Jaime, added shadows, and even changed their colour a little. Overall, I think this is a funny and interesting composite of scaled photographs.

Contact Sheet:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Old Photo Restoration NUMERO DOS



Awk, I don't know this man! But I had to restore another photograph, so I googled "old photographs". (I had to get the picture approved by my teacher too). So yeah, here is my new an improved old man!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Shooting Jaime

So I shot my dear friend, Jaime, which was quite exciting. It was actually my first shoot in the lab or whatever you want to call it, and it was nice to be in charge. Hahaha, oh goodness, that makes me sounds like a control freak. But we pretty much got to do what ever we wanted, which I absolutely fancied. As someone who does lighting in her spare time, I really fancied getting the chance to play around with the lighting in this shoot. My favourite set being, as you can tell, a single light. So here are a few of my favourite photographs from the shoot...
The photograph above is my favourite from the shoot. I love the simple shadows and how the white rose contrasts so beautifully with the black around it, almost causing it to grow. I like how the light doesn't drown Jaime out, and love that the shot is simple and candid. The balance between shadows and light is another one of the things I love about the shot.
I love this photo because of how vividly it captures Jaime. The photograph has genuine life to it, a sort of movement, like how you can see the sparkle in her eyes. However I could improve on the light, for it tends to wash Jaime out a little. I'm also not enjoying the harsh shadows of her hand and the flower, but I still love the shot.
Once again, I love how simple and raw (due to the fact that this shot was candid) this shot is. I really like the contrast of light and dark and the shadows on Jaime's face. However, I wish the contrast between light and dark in the shadows in other places was much less harsh. Another improvement would be to show more contrast between the colour of Jaime's hair and the backdrop. Overall, I still really enjoy this shot and it's ability to capture life in Jaime.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Photo Restoration

So pretty much we had to restore a photograph of this lovely little grandma. Hope my photoshop skills are up to par...



Animal Composition

So our goal in this project was to first create an animal made up of at least five different animals, and the to make it's baby. So I have this... Wigeer (Wolf-Tiger-Deer) that's made up of a white tiger body, wolf head, human eyes, deer antlers, and a fox tail. I also created it's baby, which didn't come out as well as the mother, but is still demonstrates good photoshop skills.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Layer Mask

The assignment was to layer at least photographs... So I layered butterflies and skylines and fireworks on the moon.

POV Shoot

This lacrosse net is not my favourite from the shoot. I like the angle I took the picture from and the lines that the net provides, but otherwise I'm not a fan because it's not as crisp and clear as I would like.

I love the angle of this shot. I like how you can see multiple sides of the net, but once again, it's not the most interesting shot.

Love the angle and the texture of the ground that one can see behind the hurtle.

Definitely my favourite from the shoot. I love all the texture, the perspective, and the contrast between the pole and the sky.

Overall, I like how creative my shots were and I love the different angles I took photographs from, but I could clean up the shots better. Next time I should probably take more so I have a better chance of having great shots.

Design Principles

Here we were asked to make a slideshow or video defining Design Principles, and well, this is mine. Sorry if it's not the easiest to see.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Macro Shoot

I like this shot because it's clear and simple, with a nice texture and beautiful contrast between light and dark.

I like this post because it's very clear. It's really close, so the rings and fortunes take up the whole screen and it's close enough that one is able to read what the rings and even the fortune say.

I love this shot because it's incredibly simple but powerful. I love how easy to read the fortunes are and how one can see the texture of the paper.

This is my favourite shot of the shoot. I love how you can see all the different textures of my hand and my rings and the paper. I also love how the light catches on the rings.

Overall I love how clear these photos came out and how well I was able to show texture. Something I could improve may be taking closer shots of the three shots in the middle where I am holding the fortune.

Colour Replacement

I started with this:

played around with it, and ended with this:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tutorial Lesson 5

For this lesson we pretty much had to play around with layers and and the visibility of each layer. There's supposed to be a statue in here, but he didn't fit my piece, so I put a polar bear in instead! (:

Review questions
1. What is the advantage to using layers?
Layers allow you to edit different parts of an image as discrete objects.

2. How do you hide of show individual layers?
The eye icon to the far left of the layer name in the Layers palette indicates if a layer is visible or not. You can hide or show a layer by clicking this icon.

3. How can you make artwork on one layer appear in front of artwork on another layer?
You simply drag the layer above or below the other layers.

4. How can you manipulate multiple layers simultaneously?
On can link the layers by clicking the first one they want linked, then clicking the square box to the left of the Layer name of the layer to which you want to link it.

5. When you’ve completed your artwork, what can you do to minimize the file size without changing the quality or dimensions? You can flatten the image, which merges all the layers on to a single background layer.

6. What is the quick Selection Tool and how does it work?
The quick Selection Tool is used to select an object out of it's background, similar to the Magic Wand Tool, but more precise. It works by reducing the chance of grabbing background pixels when the brush size is reduced.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tutorial Lesson 4

I made this collage as instructed.

And then this is the collage I made when I got to play around with it and do what I want.

Review Questions

1. Once you’ve made a selection, what area of the image can be edited?
The are of the image that can be edited is the area that is selected, or in the dotted lines.

2. How do you add to and subtract from a selection?
To add and subtract from a selection, one uses the magic wand tool and changes the Tolerance to increase the amount of similar tones selected, then one can hold down shift to add or option to subtract.

3. How does the magic wand tool determine which areas of an image to select? What is tolerance, and how does
it affect a selection?

4. Define the term Destructive Editing How can I avoid destructive editing

5. Define Non-Destructive Editing.

6. Using the Internet find me 3 Programs that are like Photoshop that edit Photos Non-Destructively:

1. Name: Cost: WEB ADDRESS:

2. Name: Cost: WEB ADDRESS:

3. Name: Cost: WEB ADDRESS: