Monday, May 23, 2011

Shooting Jaime

So I shot my dear friend, Jaime, which was quite exciting. It was actually my first shoot in the lab or whatever you want to call it, and it was nice to be in charge. Hahaha, oh goodness, that makes me sounds like a control freak. But we pretty much got to do what ever we wanted, which I absolutely fancied. As someone who does lighting in her spare time, I really fancied getting the chance to play around with the lighting in this shoot. My favourite set being, as you can tell, a single light. So here are a few of my favourite photographs from the shoot...
The photograph above is my favourite from the shoot. I love the simple shadows and how the white rose contrasts so beautifully with the black around it, almost causing it to grow. I like how the light doesn't drown Jaime out, and love that the shot is simple and candid. The balance between shadows and light is another one of the things I love about the shot.
I love this photo because of how vividly it captures Jaime. The photograph has genuine life to it, a sort of movement, like how you can see the sparkle in her eyes. However I could improve on the light, for it tends to wash Jaime out a little. I'm also not enjoying the harsh shadows of her hand and the flower, but I still love the shot.
Once again, I love how simple and raw (due to the fact that this shot was candid) this shot is. I really like the contrast of light and dark and the shadows on Jaime's face. However, I wish the contrast between light and dark in the shadows in other places was much less harsh. Another improvement would be to show more contrast between the colour of Jaime's hair and the backdrop. Overall, I still really enjoy this shot and it's ability to capture life in Jaime.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Old Photo Restoration

So pretty much we had to restore a photograph of this lovely little grandma. Hope my photoshop skills are up to par...



Animal Composition

So our goal in this project was to first create an animal made up of at least five different animals, and the to make it's baby. So I have this... Wigeer (Wolf-Tiger-Deer) that's made up of a white tiger body, wolf head, human eyes, deer antlers, and a fox tail. I also created it's baby, which didn't come out as well as the mother, but is still demonstrates good photoshop skills.