Monday, January 31, 2011

Tutorial Lesson 5

For this lesson we pretty much had to play around with layers and and the visibility of each layer. There's supposed to be a statue in here, but he didn't fit my piece, so I put a polar bear in instead! (:

Review questions
1. What is the advantage to using layers?
Layers allow you to edit different parts of an image as discrete objects.

2. How do you hide of show individual layers?
The eye icon to the far left of the layer name in the Layers palette indicates if a layer is visible or not. You can hide or show a layer by clicking this icon.

3. How can you make artwork on one layer appear in front of artwork on another layer?
You simply drag the layer above or below the other layers.

4. How can you manipulate multiple layers simultaneously?
On can link the layers by clicking the first one they want linked, then clicking the square box to the left of the Layer name of the layer to which you want to link it.

5. When you’ve completed your artwork, what can you do to minimize the file size without changing the quality or dimensions? You can flatten the image, which merges all the layers on to a single background layer.

6. What is the quick Selection Tool and how does it work?
The quick Selection Tool is used to select an object out of it's background, similar to the Magic Wand Tool, but more precise. It works by reducing the chance of grabbing background pixels when the brush size is reduced.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tutorial Lesson 4

I made this collage as instructed.

And then this is the collage I made when I got to play around with it and do what I want.

Review Questions

1. Once you’ve made a selection, what area of the image can be edited?
The are of the image that can be edited is the area that is selected, or in the dotted lines.

2. How do you add to and subtract from a selection?
To add and subtract from a selection, one uses the magic wand tool and changes the Tolerance to increase the amount of similar tones selected, then one can hold down shift to add or option to subtract.

3. How does the magic wand tool determine which areas of an image to select? What is tolerance, and how does
it affect a selection?

4. Define the term Destructive Editing How can I avoid destructive editing

5. Define Non-Destructive Editing.

6. Using the Internet find me 3 Programs that are like Photoshop that edit Photos Non-Destructively:

1. Name: Cost: WEB ADDRESS:

2. Name: Cost: WEB ADDRESS:

3. Name: Cost: WEB ADDRESS: