Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tutorial Lesson 4

I made this collage as instructed.

And then this is the collage I made when I got to play around with it and do what I want.

Review Questions

1. Once you’ve made a selection, what area of the image can be edited?
The are of the image that can be edited is the area that is selected, or in the dotted lines.

2. How do you add to and subtract from a selection?
To add and subtract from a selection, one uses the magic wand tool and changes the Tolerance to increase the amount of similar tones selected, then one can hold down shift to add or option to subtract.

3. How does the magic wand tool determine which areas of an image to select? What is tolerance, and how does
it affect a selection?

4. Define the term Destructive Editing How can I avoid destructive editing

5. Define Non-Destructive Editing.

6. Using the Internet find me 3 Programs that are like Photoshop that edit Photos Non-Destructively:

1. Name: Cost: WEB ADDRESS:

2. Name: Cost: WEB ADDRESS:

3. Name: Cost: WEB ADDRESS:


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