Thursday, April 14, 2011

Layer Mask

The assignment was to layer at least photographs... So I layered butterflies and skylines and fireworks on the moon.

POV Shoot

This lacrosse net is not my favourite from the shoot. I like the angle I took the picture from and the lines that the net provides, but otherwise I'm not a fan because it's not as crisp and clear as I would like.

I love the angle of this shot. I like how you can see multiple sides of the net, but once again, it's not the most interesting shot.

Love the angle and the texture of the ground that one can see behind the hurtle.

Definitely my favourite from the shoot. I love all the texture, the perspective, and the contrast between the pole and the sky.

Overall, I like how creative my shots were and I love the different angles I took photographs from, but I could clean up the shots better. Next time I should probably take more so I have a better chance of having great shots.

Design Principles

Here we were asked to make a slideshow or video defining Design Principles, and well, this is mine. Sorry if it's not the easiest to see.