Monday, June 23, 2008


Why Greg Garbo?? Why?
Your blog was my favorite thing to read and now it's private.

Why, oh why?
this may just make me cry...

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Do you think time would pass us by?

Listening to: A Thousand Miles By: well technically it's by Vanessa Carlton, but Alice and I were just singing it.

This is going to be an odd post...I'm in school, and quite surprised that I could even get on blogger. Oh Well : ]
anyway, I'm in Synergistics Math [gag!!] with Alice [not gag!!], and she makes everything better : ] which is why this is my favorite class...because I'm with Alice.

Friends are for fun,
whether a few or more,
from rainy days to
boy daize.
Friends are forever and more.

"Like violence, you have me forever and after" ~Blink-182

Friends are forever and after : ]

GO ALICE!!<---she's my bffllllllll

now we'll write together. Alice in bold and me in italic<3:

Hi everybody!!!
I guess I'm the infamous alice, the one who makes everything better...
wait, it is infamous right, or is it famous?

anyways, cassie just stepped on my foot!
not on purpose! she is so not as cheesy as cheddar i thought. ("cheesy" is the best new word, btw, it now means cool) actually, TheJonasBrothers is the BEST WORD EVER!! I was just about to.... I'm not a loser cassie, shush yourself! stop making fun of me! just FYI, everyone, Alice accidentally wrote "I a loser" but she fixed it...and I repeat, LOSER! bahahahaha ily alice! You're my favoritist...favoritist whatever you are. favoritisit sounds like strawberry, you know like the ice cream. :]

Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Room For COWS

Ever had one of those days, you know, where everything seems upside down?
Shaking floors and shaky hands, disasters as natural as falling in love.

Smile like you mean it,
or frown like there's no tomorrow.

We'll stay up late, or at least until the cows come home,
cuddling and like puzzle pieces, we'll fit into each other's arms.
watching movies, and laughing up a storm...
and hoping, that the cows never show up at home.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Paint the sky blue,
and scribble the grass green
color my heart red,
and carve it in a tree.

We see them everywhere. Colors.
Imagine a world with them,
everything black and white,
in the beginning it could be But after a while it's all just
same old, same old.

so paint your life a million colors

Monday, June 9, 2008

Take a step in my shoes...


I'm Cassandra
and I love to smile.

Art is my life; any kind of art pleases me.
and I love to write.

This post will be different then my other posts.
It's only an introduction to me, myself, and I...and the writing style is not even close to as poetic as I'm hoping it will be.

So here you go, and introduction to me:

I'm Cassandra (as you already know)
my favorite color is plum : ]
I love to read and write
art and music are my life
I hope that one day my writing will inspire someone else.