Monday, June 20, 2011

Event Shoot with Jon

This here is my final for Photographic Imaging One! The goal was to take a bunch of shots, and use three of them to describe an event that's happening. This was incredibly fun to shoot because I pretty much woke up early and went to my favourite place in the world, Barnes and Noble, with one of my favourite people, my friend Jon. I then picked out specific books for him, bought him the drink of his choice, and went wild. I even made him have conversations with me the whole time I was taking pictures. Plus, the weather outside was beautiful and rainy, which I adore. And everything inside was incredibly warm and welcoming.

The event was reading books and sipping Coffee (well, hot cocoa on Jon's part).

It's a moment that's incredibly simple, yet purely happiness. When you can just sit down and relax; lose yourself in the swirling contents of your cup that can so easily burn your tongue, in the tiny letters that fill up every sweet smelling page of a good book; a place where you could even safely fall asleep. In this moment, you're home.
Overall, I adored this shoot. Completely brilliant. Not necessarily my shots, but the act of shooting this genuinely filled my heart with warmth.

My contact sheet from the shoot:

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