Thursday, February 3, 2011

Macro Shoot

I like this shot because it's clear and simple, with a nice texture and beautiful contrast between light and dark.

I like this post because it's very clear. It's really close, so the rings and fortunes take up the whole screen and it's close enough that one is able to read what the rings and even the fortune say.

I love this shot because it's incredibly simple but powerful. I love how easy to read the fortunes are and how one can see the texture of the paper.

This is my favourite shot of the shoot. I love how you can see all the different textures of my hand and my rings and the paper. I also love how the light catches on the rings.

Overall I love how clear these photos came out and how well I was able to show texture. Something I could improve may be taking closer shots of the three shots in the middle where I am holding the fortune.

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