Sunday, November 9, 2008

letting go.

I'm sorry for being so immature.
I'm sorry for missing what I never had what was "never yours"
and I can't, apologize more, I would never want to hold you back.
I'll learn to let go.

to let go.
to let go.

I'll learn to breath again.

and I, guess I acted without thinking I'm sorry for being
so callow, naive, I guess that's just me.
And even though you were not there
even when you did not see my stares.
I'll still feel guilty

no one was watching and I should have stopped me.

I should be able to let go,
I'm learning to breath again.
I am now able to let go,
I will not fall for you.

Maybe we'll share a smile or two
but that's just me and you
no us just friends no love...not lovers
Staying up and talking till the early hours
we'll hold each other's hands like a tricycle has it's training wheels
but we're gonna let go

to let go
to let go

I am breathing now
breathing cause it's necessary
but breathing still
filling my lungs up with life.

Hold me tight,
through this last night.
I can breath on my own.
I'm letting go


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