Thursday, November 20, 2008

hush little baby don't you cry, mama's gonna sing you a lullaby[liee]

i have a very...different opinion on love than the rest of the world,
and i feel that's it's only in the love i have...almost experienced.

Love is a lullaby, but it's a hidden lie
a trap
you fall in to a deep, gossamer slumber,
your thoughts are clouded by the nostalgic hums
but when you wake up
it's all gone
never there to begin with
like the Sirens have finally captured your heart with their singing,
it's too late to turn back, you've already hit rock bottom.

It's actually quite comfy down here, especially to be sitting on rocks.

the funny thing is,
I can predict my own tragedy
my own downfall
after all I'm Cassandra
that's what I do.
I know I'm alone,
I know because that's who I am.
I can't reach the stars,
they're just a tad to dim,
just out of reach,
these syrup-dipped songs keep lifting me back to sleep,
and we all know.
Miss Distress cannot touch the stars,
at least not without her prince

xx oo

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