Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stars [11:11]

I wished I was a star in the sky.
It'd be like reading a book or watching a movie.

Suddenly, there'd be no more me and you.
No more problems or
pointless drivel

Don't you see,
we dug this grave
and buried ourselves
in it.

But this time, I don't
want you laying here with
me, this grave isn't
enough for two.

So now I'll spend my nights wishing,
while looking up at the sky,
that i'll be looking down at you.
Finally I'd sparkle,
show the world I'm bright.
Even if you weren't there to see me,
who says I'd want you back in the first place?

Being a star,
I'd watch everyone's colorful lives,
instead of living my own black and white one.
I'd press the pause button
on my moving pictures
only to sit down
and watch yours.

But tonight,
I already know what I'm wishing for,
and oh boy,
do I hope it comes true.
My realistic wish
of me...and whoever's my one true "you"


this isn't to say that i'm over all this yet
cause i sure as hell am not,
it's just a poem,
if you may,
a way to let my feelings out.

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