Friday, August 22, 2008

Love, oh what it does to one's self

Rainbows are beautiful, and mainly found in fairy tales,
we're all given the chance,
when an opportunity comes knocking,
we are given the choice,
to pick up a pen and start writing,
our own fairy tale.

Spending cold autumn nights,
sitting on the rooftops,
watching the sun set, then learn to rise again,
shivering while wrapped together,
sharing small spaces, body heat, and a nice blanket,
maybe sipping hot chocolate or chai tea,

it's time to pick up this pen and start writing.

We could even paint the town, if you wanted.
The sky could be deep purple,
with churning blue waves.
Rolling green hilltops, gazing up at the stars.

Even if writing out the fairy tale, through the smooth and shaky times,
means getting a blister or two,
well I'm willing to do it...
that is, if I'm with you.

Let me be your student, your teacher, and your friend.
Let me be more than that and I'll love you till the end.

Spending summer mornings eating brunch and sharing smiles,
Blushing till it the sunburn starts to disappear,
and never forgetting the wonderful years.

During spring, I'll pick you flowers, and in the winter
we can have snowball fights.
Let the little kid shine through,
and we can make this last forever.

I want NEED this to last forever.

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