Friday, July 11, 2008

"An artist uses lies to tell the truth"

One minute and the earth begins to shake,
Two minutes and my hearts begins to break Another minute and she makes me feel brand new
That's just three minutes with you
Four minutes and she's everything I see
Five minutes and she's were I wanna be
Another minute everything feels so new
I need six minutes with you
Six minutes
~Jonas Brothers: 6 minutes

Music is what keeps me spinning. It's the air I breath. It may be clean, it may be explicate...but it sure ain't polluted. At least, not the music I listen to.
The music with meanings, were words don't mean words, but they mean truth.
"An artist uses lies to tell the truth" well then lets tell the world. We can show them, we just need to connect.
Musically, emotionally, physically. We all share something.
But what?

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